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    The Beautiful Beaches of Grand Cayman

    The Beaches:  All beaches up to the water mark are public in Cayman; including the beautiful stretches of Seven Mile Beach.  Look for the "Beach Access" signs and follow the footpaths to some hidden gems.  

    Seven Mile Beach is one of the top most beautiful beaches in the world.  It's known for its soft white sands and crystal clear waters.  It's a great place to spend a few hours or an entire day. Load the car with beach towels and sunscreen before heading out to choose your very own patch of powdery white sand on Grand Cayman’s most famous stretch of land. With seven miles of uninterrupted beach to choose from, the sand is never terribly crowded and it is easy to find roadside parking even during high season. There are also a number of gravel and paved parking areas at different points along West Bay Road that can be used all day long for free. 

    Some of our favourite areas along SMB:

    Boggy Sand Beach is at the northern most point of SMB. Our private beach access is located directly across the gravel road and less than 30 feet from our front gate.  The beach area here is quiet and free from crowds. The snorkeling and sunsets are superb.

    Cemetery Beach is also located at the northern end of SMB, just south of Boggy Sand Road. The designated public beach access is located on West Bay Road right beside the Cemetery. There is usually plenty of parking along West Bay Road.  Or you can choose to walk from our beach access with less than a 5 minute walk.  Cemetery Beach is known for its shady area and snorkeling.

    Governor’s Beach is located just north of the Governor’s residence on West Bay Road, along the SMB corridor just 3 miles fromWindsong. This beach is very popular with locals and tourists alike because there is plenty of parking and a wide stretch of white sand. It can get crowded but is worth a visit.

    Grand Cayman has many great, unique beaches worth visiting and we have only mentioned a few. Some other popular beach areas are Smith's Cove, Surfer's Beach, Colliers Beach / East End, Kaibo, Cayman Kai, Coe Wood (Bodden Town) and Prospect Point. All beaches in Cayman are public up to the high water mark so enjoy.

    The Beautiful Beaches of Grand Cayman

      Favourite Dining Experiences

      There is a restaurant guide in the condo.  Or check out our recommended list for dining below:

      Very close by: Heritage Kitchen (100 feet away) is a short walk down Boggy Sand Rd. Great local fare.  It’s outdoors, no alcohol is served, but I’m sure you could walk down with a tumbler of something. ;) Walk past Heritage and you’ll find Alfresco.  Casual outdoor dining with a diverse menu.  

      Within a short drive in West Bay: Morgan’s by Yacht Club (2.3 miles) is one of our favorites. We love Catch and Calypso Grill (2 miles). My all-time favourite tiki bar, dive spot and local hangout with excellent fare is at Macabuca (2.1 miles) (Monday night all you can eat BBQ), Macabuca is located at the Cracked Conch; another stunning experience for a nice night out.  Restaurants at the new Seafire/Kimpton Hotel (2.5 miles) are fabulous. 

      Along SMB: Luca , Agua, Blue Cilantro, Copperfalls (great steaks), Craft reminds me of the Pubs in Boston.  Don't forget Sunshine Grill. They have the best fish tacos. Eats, Legends and Yoshi Sushi are fantastic as well.  Lone Star Bar & Grill is a great sports bar if you're looking to watch a game, and has fun events such as trivia night, bingo night, wings night. (All of these are 3.5 miles)  ICOA (5 miles) is a favourite They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Almond Croissants are the best....seriously! The Wharf is great for a romantic evening.  There are so many great places to mention.   

      There are many great restaurants in George Town (approx 6.5 miles). The Brasserie is a great restaurant and they have a café next door which is fabulous for take away.  They grow their own produce and herbs. For Vegetarian, Bread & Chocolate is wonderful. Cassanova is excellent Italian. More locally populated is Da Fish Shack; great casual menu. Rackams is good for outdoor dining and sunsets.  They feed the tarpon fish at 7 or 7:30 which is something to watch.  

      In East End (28 miles), Vivianne’s Kitchen is another place for local food. Tukka is fun and delicious.  It’s Australian/Carribean fusion.  Arrive around 4 pm and feed the giant frigget birds. Lots of shipwrecks popping out of the water here too.    

      North Side (32 miles), I haven’t tried too many.  Kaibo is always good.  Rum Point is the tourists favourite.  The mudslides at Rum Point are crazy….watch out, haha.  You can catch a ferry from Camana Bay for a 20 minute ride to Rum Point/Kaibo.

        Camana Bay

        Camana Bay is a lively waterfront town where you can satisfy your foodie cravings, shop for all things local and explore our weekly Farmers & Artisans Market. Swing lazily on a hammock, climb our 75-foot Observation Tower or be delighted by the sound of kids splashing in the fountains. It all happens only a short walk from Seven Mile Beach.  A must see!   And FYI...Tues night is outdoor movie night for the kids. 


        P.S. I think all of the restaurants in Camana Bay are favourites!

          Stingray City

          Stingray City is a series of shallow sandbars found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman where Southern Stingrays are found in abundance and visitors can pet and interact with these beautiful docile creatures. Stingray City locations were inadvertently created in the mid-1980s as fishermen returning to port anchored in the calm waters of the sound to clean their catch, casting bait overboard. Southern Stingrays, which hunt by sense of smell, quickly discovered these new “restaurants” where they now dine primarily on handouts of squid provided by divers and snorkelers during their visits to the Cayman Islands. Ideal for extended diving and snorkeling, the locations are situated in shallow water ranging from 3-12 feet (1-3.5 m). Collectively, the sites are frequented by 30-40 friendly stingrays which are eager to find out what you brought for them to eat.

          Stingray City Tour Operators & Private Charters

          Stingray City

            SCUBA Diving

            With over 300 dive sites, Grand Cayman is the Caribbean’s preeminent dive destination and offers some of the most diverse dive opportunities in the world. From the shallow diving in Stingray City to the 130-foot (40 m) wall dives, there are multiple opportunities for all skill levels. The water temperature hovers between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit (26.1-28.3 Celsius), and visibility commonly exceeds 100 feet (30 m). With an abundance of experienced, highly professional dive operators, state-of-the-art live aboards and numerous snorkel sites accessible by boat or shore, Grand Cayman is the ideal setting in which to explore the underwater realm. SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling For Youth) is available at many operators on the island and can provide an exciting introduction to the marine world. Additionally, children between the ages of eight and twelve can participate in the PADI Bubblemaker and the Scuba Rangers programs in which they are introduced to scuba under an instructor’s guidance and can experience the underwater breathing sensation in depths up to 12 feet (3.65 m).


            Dive Operators

            SCUBA Diving


              With Cayman’s calm, clear waters, snorkeling in Grand Cayman can be just as exciting as diving.

              When you stay at Windsong you won’t need to book a charter to experience some of the best snorkeling Grand Cayman has to offer. Grab a mask & snorkel and head to the Boggy Sand Road beach access path, just 30 ft from the Windsong front gate. In 3-4 feet of water you will find a variety of Caribbean reef fish and corals. Swim straight out to sea for 100-200 yards and you will also see impressive coral formations rising up to within 5 ft of the surface. Don’t be surprised to spot a southern stingray or sea turtle.

              Try these other popular snorkeling sites as well:

              Cemetery Beach and Reef: The most well-known snorkel spot on Seven Mile Beach (by those not familiar with Boggy Sand Rd). About a 5 minute walk along the beach from Windsong's.

              Turtle Reef: On Northwest Point Rd by the Turtle Farm. Enter in the cove area next to Cracked Conch restaurant; 2.0 miles from Windsong.

              Cheeseburger Reef: Access to the reef is by a small patch of sand next to the Burger King on North Church St in Georgetown; 5.8 miles from Windsong.

              Eden Rock; Shore entrance by the Eden Rock Dive Center on South Church Street then just a short 100 yard swim to see the tops of the caves and coral; 6.6 miles from Windsong.

              Smith's Cove: Nice sandy beach with iron shore on both sides of the cove with coral formations about 20-25 yards from shore; 7.8 miles from Windsong.

                Yacht/Fishing Charters

                Truly a sport for all seasons, fishing in the Cayman Islands offers excitement to both beginners and experienced anglers. Popular gamefish, such as blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphin (dorado) and barracuda, are caught year-round. White marlin, Atlantic sailfish and Atlantic long-billed spearfish are also in the waters of the Cayman Islands. And you don’t have to go far to hook up–good catches take place as close as one quarter mile offshore all three Cayman Islands, where the ocean floor drops off sharply, plummeting thousands of feet and creating a natural thoroughfare for the big migratory pelagic species prized by anglers. Grand Cayman has a small fleet of modern, well-equipped sport fishing boats are available for full- and half-day charters, beginning as low as US$375 and up to US$1,100 for a full day.

                Deep Sea & Reef Charters

                Fly Fishing Charters

                Yacht Charters

                Yacht/Fishing Charters


                  Grand Cayman is sure to please golfers of any handicap, with championship courses framed by picturesque Caribbean panoramas. Grand Cayman offers visitors several world-class golf facilities with challenging features.

                  Britannia Golf CourseThe Ritz Carlton Golf ClubExperience Grand Cayman golf that embraces the island’s beautiful natural elements: water, mangroves & refreshing albeit challenging trade winds. Our golf resort’s Greg Norman-designed course delivers fiercely on its shark pedigree. 

                  North Sound ClubNorth Sound Club - With its sun-drenched greens set against the stunning blues of the crystal clear North Sound and the Caribbean sky, the course design takes advantage of the prevailing ocean breeze and the abundance of water and sand. 

                    And so much more.....

                    Water Sports 

                    With so many options it will be hard to decide whether to cruise up and down Seven Mile Beach on a wave runner, take it a little slower with a kayak or paddle board or just enjoy the fish while snorkeling.

                    Need something even more exciting? Try wake boarding, kiteboarding, parasailing, windsurfing or sailing. There is a Red Sail Sports desk at Tiki Beach located 1.8 miles from Clearwater House that offers equipment rental.

                    Horseback Riding

                    Cayman Horse Riding offers beach, trail and swim rides on horseback from Barker’s Beach (2.6 miles from Clearwater House).

                    Barkers Beach is home to one of the island’s most secluded beaches. Far and away from the tourist crowd, its wildlife thrive with very little disturbance. Rides are offered during the day all year round.

                    Bioluminescence Tours

                    Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism – wow!

                    An example of these organisms which most people are familiar with is the firefly…but bioluminescent creatures are found throughout marine habitats, from the ocean surface to the deep sea floor. In Cayman, there are millions of single celled organisms called dinoflagellates that float in the sea, which when disturbed, emit a bright white light. There are many tour operators which offer various ways for you to observe and even SWIM among these organisms! They are most striking during certain cycles of the moon, when it is darkest outside, so the tours generally only run about 2 and a half weeks out of each month. Check with us to find out whether your stay at Windsong aligns with the optimal moon cycle!

                    Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

                    Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a non-profit outdoor garden and wildlife facility located on Frank Sound Road in the North Side District about 45 minutes from Georgetown. If you are making a day of exploring Rum Point and Starfish Point on the North Side, add the Botanic Park to your list and enjoy a unique mix of gardens, culture and history.

                    The park is owned jointly by the Cayman Islands Government and the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Park areas include the Woodland Trail, Floral Colour Garden, Cayman Heritage Garden, a lake, an orchid boardwalk exhibit, and a Blue Iguana Habitat.

                    Be sure to purchase tickets for the Blue Iguana Safari Tour and see the native Blue Iguana up close. The tour operates Monday through Saturday only at 11am. No reservations are required. The Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is native to the Cayman Islands, is still considered an endangered reptile species…and is not to be confused with the invasive green iguanas which are not endangered and are the bane of our existence.

                    And so much more.....